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GVT Academy Noida is the world-class training institute providing the best HR training in Noida the present business prerequisite that empowers the candidates to achieve the best employees in organizations. GVT Academy Provides HR training course in Noida. GVT Academy is HR training company Noida having more than 10 years of experience in rendering the best training service and also being the best HR training institutes in Noida providing hands-on training in by enabling the candidate to practice and work on real-time projects. GVT Academy also provides its candidate with a dedicated placement team that assists and provides numerous opportunity to the candidate throughout its training period. The course structure for HR training program in Noida is intended to provide students with an efficient skills set and covers all the modules for the training program from basic to advanced level. At GVT Academy HR certification training in Noida is administered and overseen by technology experts from the industry having than 10+ years of experience in dealing with major HR programming Live projects.

GVT Academy is the best HR training center in Noida with ultra-modern infrastructure and facilities established for aspirants willing to learn the skills for HR that comprises of an overview of HR and Introduction to HR, HR on real-time projects along with HR placement training Noida. HR training in Noida for beginners his being executed as per the direction of the MNC to give the best extensive knowledge of HR with the industry based HR course content and syllabus. The course structure is designed by the technology experts that helps in facilitating proficiency in candidates and also the training program will enable them to accomplish their objective and to get set in MNC and Big Corporations.

GVT Academy is a prime HR training center in Noida with advanced integrated infrastructure and new innovative labs for students to gain best insight into real working environment of IT industry. GVT Academy institute in Noida prepare large number of students for the HR training at a moderate value as per aspirant’s module and content requirement.

HR training course in Noida involves a pragmatic approach as we believe students learn HR programing the best when they practically gets involved in finding solution rather than learning theoretically ,therefore training sessions comprises of more practical sessions.

GVT Academy is one of the best HR training institute in Noida with 100% placement assistance. GVT Academy has well structure modules and training program intended for both students and working professionals exclusively. At GVT Academy HR training is conducted during all 5 days, and special weekend HR training classes in Noida can also be arranged and scheduled. We also provide HR fast track training programs for students and professionals looking to upgrade themselves instantly.

A Human Resources (HR) Generalist is an employee in the HR department who is responsible for the day-to-day management of HR operations like managing the strategies, processes and programmes for the organisation. The focus of an HR Generalist is to select the right person for the organization. Working as a Human Resources Generalist can provide many career opportunities to move upward within the HR functions. HR Generalists act as liaisons among workers, executives and managers in measuring engagement of the employees. Conventionally, HR Generalists report to an HR director or manager in response to their work. The number of HR Generalists depends company to company.

For carrying out HR related functions in an organisation, the need of a Human Resources Generalist is felt. Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in almost every field. With the rapid involvement of software, HR generalists are required to have technical skills to carry out their job efficiently, benefiting the organization ultimately. The responsibilities of an HR generalist vary ranging from strategic initiatives to more routine administrative tasks such as responding to employees’ inquiries.

Today, almost all organizations require Human Resource (HR) Generalists. The experience as an HR Generalist helps in expanding the psychological skills and thus understanding other people to help them improving in their career. Unreservedly, the domain of HR Generalist is the domain of growth and development in future. To assume strategic responsibilities and improve organizational performance, HR generalists are increasingly in demand. Owing to the capability that HR generalists serve as the initial point of contact for issues related to the people working in the organization, they are required in many companies like marketing, production or supply chain etc. We are ecstatic to invite you on behalf of “GVT Academy” for HR Generalist Training Program. GVT Academy provides the best HR Generalist Training Course as per the current industry norms. Our training programs enable candidates to secure placements in top companies. GVT Academy is one of the best known HR Generalist Training Institutes for offering practical knowledge and implementation on live projects. Our offered HR Generalist Training Course is organized by the certified corporate professionals having 8+ years of experience in implementing real-time HR Generalist projects. Our Training Centre is equipped with high tech infrastructure facilities. We also provide online access of servers, so that candidates can implement the projects at their home also. GVT Academy provides HR Generalist Training Course at very reasonable fee with customization of the course curriculum as per the candidates’ requirements. Our classrooms are built with high-end technologies to deliver the topics in a simple manner so as to make students understand each and every topic with ease. We have placed thousands of students upon the measurement of their skills and abilities, which makes us the preferred HR Generalist Training Institute. During training program, the growth of students is closely monitored and observed to inc

Course Name-HR Generalist

Course Duration-80hrs

Class Available-Weekdays/Weekwnds

Trainers Experience : 10+ yrs

Training Type - Practically Training

Placement-after 80% Course Completion

Program Modules

Module 1 - Statutory & Legal Compliance

  • EPF & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
    • Objectives
    • Applicability
    • Eligibility
    • Rate of Contribution / Share
    • Registration / Coverage
    • Registers & Records
    • Various Returns
    • Various Forms
    • Pension Eligibility & Calculation
    • EDLI Calculation & Limit
    • Online Activities
  • ESI Act, 1948
    • Objectives
    • Applicability
    • Eligibility
    • The rate of Contribution / Share
    • Registration / Coverage
    • Registers & Records
    • Various Returns
    • Various Forms
    • ESI Benefits
    • Contribution Period & Benefit Period
    • Online Activities
  • Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
    • Objectives
    • Applicability
    • Eligibility
    • Calculation of Minimum Bonus
    • Calculation of Maximum Bonus
    • Registers & Records
    • Return
    • Displays

 Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

    • Objectives
    • Applicability
    • Eligibility
    • Calculation of Gratuity
    • Maximum Gratuity & Taxability
    • Group Gratuity Policy
    • Various Forms
    • Display


Module 2 - Compensation and Benefits

    • The Pay Structure
    • Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical Allowance, LTA, Lunch Allowance etc.
    • Salary Break up and Designing CTC.
    • Calculation of Gross, Net Salary & CTC
    • Calculation of Overtime & Leave Encashment.
    • Discussion on Compensation and Benefits.
    • Attendance & Leave Management (CL, EL, SL, and ML)
    • Preparation of Salary Sheet, Pay Slip, Full n Final Settlement.
    • PF Report in Excel sheet
    • ESI Report in Excel sheet
    • Professional Report Tax
    • Live Payroll Software Training (New Topic Added)
    • LWF Slab Rate
    • PT Slab Rate
    • Income Tax Slab Rate
    • Tax Exemptions of Various Allowances.
    • Tax Deduction under Chapter VI-A
    • (80C, 80D, 80E, 80G, etc.)
    • Rebate U/S 87A
    • Education Cess
    • Routine Tax Planning (Investment Declaration Form)
    • TDS Certificate (Form 16)

Module 2.1 - MS Excel - Lab Session


Provide Basic Understanding of Excel, Make user Familiar to Create Formula and give Platform to Make Good Analysis and Introduce Powerful Tools of Advanced Excel so that user can Make Advanced Analysis with the help of Those Tools

Topics Covered

  • Introduction, Basic Understanding , Sum, Count, Count, Count blank, Average, Max, Large Min, Abs, Sumif, Count if, Lower, Upper, Proper, Trim, Len, Left, Right, Mid, Concatenate, Subtotal, And, Or, Day, Year, EOmonth, Edate, Net Workdays, Today, Weekday, Week number, Workday, Find, Search.
  • V-lookup, H-lookup, Day and Time Calculation, Numeric Calculation, If Logical Condition, Dynamic Pivot, Dynamic Chart, Conditional Formatting, Dated if, What If Analysis, Match Index, Offset Function, User form  Function in Excel,  Data Validation, Advance Filter, Sorting, Group & Ungroup, Data split, Text Function (Data Separation), Substitute

Module 3 - Corporate IR / Labor Law Compliances


  • What’s Disciplinary Action?
  • Definition of Misconduct/Violation of Code of Conduct.
  • Preparations of Show Cause Notice/Charge Sheet.
  • Domestic Inquiry

 SHWW Act, 2013 (New Topic Added)

    • Sexual Harassment Policy
    • Internal Complaints Committee
  • Objective
  • Applicability
  • Registration & License
  • Returns(Report)
  • Facilities
  • Registers and Records
  • Displays 
    • Definition
    • Condition/Clause
    • Benefits and Drawbacks 
    • Objective
    • Applicability
    • Registration
    • Conditions of Work
    • Registers to be Maintained
    • Displays(Notice)
  • FACTORY Act, 1948
    • Objectives
    • Applicability
    • Licensing Procedure
    • Employment Conditions
    • Facilities
    • Committees
    • Statutory Appointments
    • Registers & Records
    • Various Returns
    • Various Forms
    • Displays 
    • Objective
    • Applicability
    • Notification
    • Provisions
    • Registers to be Maintained
    • Returns
    • Display (Notice) 
  • INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES Act, 1947 (New Topic Added)
    • Purpose
    • Scope
    • Forms and Formats
    • Regulatory Body
    • Employer’s Obligation
    • Keywords used 
  • APPRENTICESHIP Act, 1961 (New Topic Added)
    • Objective
    • Contract of Apprenticeship
    • Termination of Apprenticeship Contract
    • The obligation of Employers Toward an Apprentices
    • Obligation of Apprentices
    • Payment to Apprentices
    • Health, Safety, and Welfare of Apprentices
    • Rules and Guideline

Module 4 - Performance Management System (Advanced Topic Added)

  • Design a PMS System
  • Goal Cascading
  • Mapping the KRAs and KPIs
  • Link Reward System to Achievement of KRAs
  • Timelines Quarterly & Mid-Year Reviews
  • Performance Counseling Techniques
  • Reward & Recognition System.
  • Performance Report & Dashboard

Module 4.1 - Learning & Organizational Development (Advanced Topic Added)

  • Build Core and Functional Competency Frameworks
  • Learning Need Analysis/ Module Design/ Budgeting / Calendar         
  • Assessment Processes & Feedback Analysis
  • ROI Measurement
  • Organizational Diagnosis/Assessment

Module 5 - Policies | Employee Relationship Management

  1. Policies (New Topic Added)
    • Why Policies, Steps to Frame HR Policy?
    • Attendance Policy
    • Leave policy
    • LTA & Reimbursement Policy
    • Code of Ethics & Business Conduct
    • Email, Internet & Computer use Policy
    • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Policy
    • Effective Retention Policies 
  1. Employee Relationship Management
    • Joining Formalities and Relieving Procedure
    • Exit Interviews
    • Employee Engagement
    • Grievances 

Module 5.1 - HR -Business Partner (Advanced Topic Added)

  • Contributions of HR from Business Perspective?
  • Review & Analyze Business Unit Data
  • Employee Budgeting and Man Power Planning
  • Workforce Planning, Succession Planning, Career Architecture Program and Skills Assessment
  • Attrition Issues & Control
  • Design SOP.

Module 6 - Recruitment & Selections

  • End-to-End Recruitment Process & Head Hunting.
  • Hands on Experience on Job Portals i.e., Naukri / Monster with Sourcing Methodologies.
  • Boolean Search, Industry Mapping
  • Screening, Short-Listing of Resume.
  • Interview Checklist (Primary & Secondary)


Module 7 - Workshop on Interview Skills

  • Topics to be Covered:
  • Myths & Reality
  • Building Right Attitude for Interview
  • Skills Required for Interview and How to Demonstrate Those Skills
  • Techniques to Improve Interview Performance
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Interview
  • Communication During Interview (Verbal/Non Verbal)
  • Importance of Physiology & Nonverbal Cues in Interview
  • 5 Stages of Interview and Giving Your Best at Each Stage
  • Commonly Ask Interview Questions and Their Answers
  • Resume Writing

Module 8 - SAP HCM (End User)

  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • E-Recruitment
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • ESS and MSS
  • Reporting

Practical Assignments

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