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We at GVT Academy are widely known for providing the best Selenium Training. Our offered Training is rendered by Professionals having years of experience in this domain.

Selenium was first introduced in the year 2004 by Jason Huggins. He developed a library and named it as Javascript library. This library could interact with the pages by automatically rerun tests across multiple browsers. This Javascript library became Selenium Core, which includes Selenium Remote Control (RC) and Selenium IDE. Selenium is an open-source and automated software testing tool for testing web applications.

GVT Academy offers Best Selenium classes in noida we helps attendees to provide placements in their dream jobs at IT Companies. GVT Academy Provides Best Selenium Course in Noida. GVT Academy is one of the most credible Selenium training institutes in Noida offering hands on practical Training and full job assistance with basic as well as Expert level Selenium training courses.

Although, there is plethora of software testing tools in the market but Selenium is extensively used because it is very simple to use- just download, configure and use. It can be operated across different operating systems and browsers. Owing to its easiness, most of the companies choose Selenium whenever they want to automate web applications. Selenium is a set of tools which helps testers to automate web-based applications. Selenium can be understood better by the following: Each component performs its own functions. 1. Selenium IDE: Selenium IDE stands for Selenium Integrated Development Environment. This is a Firefox plug-in, which creates tests hastily through its record-and-playback functionality. This is not only a time-saver, but also a tremendous way of learning Selenium script syntax. 2. Selenium RC: Selenium RC, in which RC is the abbreviation for Remote Control. It is a tool which allows us to write tests in programming languages like C#, Perl, PHP, Java, Python and Ruby etc. against any HTTP website using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. Selenium RC is widely used for testing complex AJAX-based web user interfaces. 3. WebDriver: WebDriver is the next step after Selenium RC. WebDriver sends instructions directly to the browser and retrieves results. 4. Selenium Grid: Selenium Grid is a tool which is used to run multiple parallel tests across different machines and browsers. This results in minimized execution time. Earlier, the software applications used to be developed for operating offline because there were fewer internet users at that time. But, now almost every person uses the internet. Therefore, software applications are prepared as web-based applications to be run on a browser.

Software testing is required to point out the defects and errors which are made during the development phases of software. Whenever there is a need to check whether a computer system/program meets the specified requirements and provides the desired results, Software Testing is required. With the help of Software Testing, the bugs are identified in software/program and thus the speed of running the software increases. Once the software is built, it is the turn of Software Testers to put themselves into the role of an end-user and test software to make sure that it performs well. Choosing a career in software testing means continuous learning, problem-resolving skills, improving testing skills and developing good communication skills. All of these skills not only improve a person’s personality but also upgrades interpersonal skills, which are very useful for growth of career. While performing the job as a Tester, the innovation increases. Everybody wants to use technology without any problem and irritation and this is ascertained by A Software Tester. A Software Tester is the person who makes the software to be used without inconsistencies. Each company wants to improve its products and this is carried out by Testers. That’s why! Software Testers are highly demanded in companies. We have team of experts that enables our students to become as bright future Professionals in the domain. Our Training Centre is equipped with high class facilities to teach students in a better way. It becomes easy to get job after being trained by experts.

Course Name-Expert Selenium

Course Duration-40hrs

Class Available-Weekdays/Weekwnds

Trainers Experience : 10+ yrs

Training Type - Practically Training

Placement-after 80 Course Completion

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